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JK Metsis

Founded 14. February 2018
Home Venue Männiku Stadium
Contact MTÜ Metsis JK
Reg nr. 80429450
IBAN EE947700771002860360

Hello! We would like to introduce you JK Metsis, a football team created by a group of sport amateurs and friends on the 14th of Febuary 2018 with the intent to develop what is perceived by us as missing in the sport landscape of Tallinn, a team incarnating the wide spectrum of valuables we most cherish in sport: fun, socializing, wellness, inclusion but also personal skill development and competitiveness. It happens rarely to these to be achieved at the same time, yet this is our goal and here is how we are going to pursue it.

We strongly believe that the real fun, the main goal of amateur level sport, starts with participation. All the members of a team should be involved in its life and contribute in maintaining a suitable environment where they can use profitably their time with other people. To participate means that a team member must actively get involved into the team activity without expecting, as a general rule, “the organizers” to be at his or her service for anything. This point is crucial in understanding the team spirit. While for practical reasons it is clear that the organization cannot be shared at all times by all members, no assumptions should be made on this point.

Involvement is good. One person who is investing his resources – time, effort, money – in something is surely entitled to state freely ideas, opinions, concerns and criticism; sure to meet the attention of the fellow team mates rather than the deaf ears of “the organizers”. In practical terms, some of us are willing undertake most of the organization in a flat hierarchy while everyone who wants so is strongly invited to take part in it. Management experience is a kind one has not many opportunities to make out there, therefore it is definitely worth to try. The cost of the activities are shared among all members in the form of a monthly fee of 35€ (winter 2019/2020) which covers trainings, matches and material.

We envision an inclusive environment everyone can contribute to shape through active commitment, accepting the same duties everyone else is also subject to. We want this team to be a place where it is possible to practice some healthy physical activity, socialize and meet new friends, to train profitably and develop some skills. This is all what makes the time spent in team sport worthwhile.

We share the common view of a healthy lifestyle being light training part of it and we strongly believe in learning skills as adults, activity which we strenuously promote in our team. It is indeed a pleasure to find oneself able to improve some skills in the tiny bits of time snatched to a busy working and family life, an experience which benefits both the person and the team. In practical terms, for the moment we train twice a week and we play one match per week as well, for a total of about 3/4 hours of commitment per week.

We also play games. Being all of what was previously said part of our fun, no one enjoys sitting on the bench all the time nor likes to play in a team without hope to win or at least compete with the opponents. This is a challenge for everyone. On one side there is a club made of people who is willing to provide game time to everyone while still aiming for the victory, on the other side the player, who is given the right the play but at the same time the responsibility to be an effective part of it. This is what trainings are for and what gives sense being serious at attending them. We expect newcomers to be ready to undertake such commitment and come regularly to trainings and matches.

We do not believe anyone should just sit on the bench during a game and we will provide a fair share of it to everyone. No one is going to be excluded on the basis of football skills. We play for the win but we do not want it at all costs. We do not like foul simulations or a violent and dangerous playing style.

Did you like what you just read? Come and see what is going on for yourself! Trying once with us is for free. Just send us a message!