End of Rahvaliiga Season (part one)

Posted 16. Sep 2020
Category News

During the first weeks of September JK Metsis has played its last games for the 2020 Rahvaliiga season. Lets take a quick look back at what has been certainly one of the most controversial seasons in football and also the world.

Our pre-season started in the beginning of March with two friendly games. Although we lost the first one against Buldooser we took it as a learning experience. As a result we managed to gain a glorious victory of 6-1 in the second one against Hiiu Pantrid. This gave us the sought after confidence boost we needed before the start of the season. Or so we thought…

As we all know now this was when COVID hit Estonia. As a precautionary measure we cancelled all trainings hoping the situation would improve rather quickly. After a couple of weeks though it got even worse, indoor trainings were forbidden and Estonian Football association postponed Rahvaliiga until the government had lifted the restrictions.

We were finally able to start training again in the second week of May. The first training after the stay-in rules were loosened we even had to enforce the 2+2 rule with no contact being allowed. This was quite challenging as football is a contact sport. After this we continued training normally two times per-week.

During this time Silver worked really hard to find us a coach. He was successful! Right before the season started we managed to have a first training with our soon to be coach – Indrek Palm. As the team enjoyed the first training we went forward with Indrek. He was able to give us some pointers in preparation for our first league game against FC Kühlschrank. This was also the first game dealt with our in-game strategy and substitutions. During that game we managed to get a goal in the first minute which certainly felt like a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. The opponents tied on the sixth minute and the rest of the first half was quite equal ending in 1-1. During the first part of the second half we managed to get 3 goals which put us in a comfortable 4-1 lead. Sadly we ended up giving the control of the game to the opponents after this and they managed to get 3 more goals. The final result being 4-4 in a tough but good first away game of the season.

To be continued…