Goodbye summer, a new indoor season begins!

Posted 08. Oct 2019
Category News

The warm half of the year has come to an end and, with it, the comfort of playing football outdoor. A week of rest was certainly needed and well deserved after an intense summer of weekly games. But now it’s enough, we want to play football!

Also this year, for the third time, we have decided to rent an indoor hall and continuing with football on turf rather than switching to futsal, like most teams do in winter.

Starting from the 9th of October, we will train every Wednesday from 21:00 until 22:30 in Kotka hall, under a pavilion that will shield us from most adverse conditions (rain, snow, wind) of the cold season.

We have a greater ambition this year. We have a possibility for a second training per week but it’s a bit of a challenge due to the costs (yes, the winter season is more expensive) and the need for reliable players over a longer period.

Does it sound interesting? Come and try with us. There is no charge for trying for the first time.

By the end of October we will decide if there are enough members to cover the costs for 2 sessions per week. In that case the monthly fee will be 35€ per month. Otherwise we will proceed as we have always done, with 1 training session per week for 20€ per month.

During the month of October we will focus on training and recruiting, with one session per week. The fee for October will be 20€. Visitors are encouraged to come and try with us.

See you on the field!