What matters to us?

Posted 23. Jul 2019
Category News

In the home game against Manivald we achieved our first victory in our short Rahvaliiga history.

A result that for us has a special meaning not because a victory is something that should be always celebrated, but because we achieved it remaining true to our valuables. What is important to us?

Inclusion: who joins our club joins a community in which every member commits himself into keeping it a nice place where to be. No one is left behind and everybody gets to play a fair share of time during the games, no matter the skills.

Fair play: ugly to see in top flight competitions, we regard low means such as malicious fouls and simulation as pathetic at our level. We do not deem a good result worthy of debasing ourselves with such means.

Commitment: everyone gives his best while respecting our valuables. We play for the win.

Keeping ourselves loyal to our valuables makes it more difficult for us to achieve good results but it also makes our community our sweet home. And when results come, they are ten times as enjoyable.

Time to celebrate!