Our training sessions continue throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons!

Posted 11. Nov 2018
Category News

As we secured a slot in Kotka hall, a nice artificial field covered with a roof and well sheltered from wind, rain and snow, we will continue to play football throughout the cold season.

We will train on Tuesdays from 21:00 to 22:30 until the end of March, when we will move outdoor to enjoy the warmer weather.

For the moment we are just enjoying out time: we start with a dutiful warm-up drill and then quickly organize two teams to play a game until the time is off. Later on, as the season of competitions approaches, we will add some exercises focused on skills and team building.

Does it sound interesting? There is still some room for newcomers! You can contact us via our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/jkmetsis) or sending us an email (info@jkmetsis.ee).