Plans for the Winter Season

Posted 10. Oct 2018
Category News

As the days are getting shorter and the warm season approaches an end, it is time to reveal our plans for the winter season.

We will continue playing football but we are moving to a more suitable venue for the coming weather, an indoor hall sheltered against the rain, the wind and the snow.

Everything else will be the same as before, the same kind of ground (artificial), the same shoes and the same rules. Be prepared for colder temperatures though, as the same temperature outside will be inside!

Differently from last year, we will not play futsal and we will not engage in the winter Rahvaliiga. We will rather focus on football to get ready for the next season: we will prepare ourselves better playing friendly matches against some suitable team.

The focus of this season will be therefore to build a team capable of getting together, having fun and competing worthily in the next summer Rahvaliiga. Remember that your contribution in this direction is fundamental and always welcome: suggestions, personal initiative, contacts with other teams and additional players are always welcome.

We are looking forward to see you all at our training sessions,

JK Metsis